We’ve never been sure about the concept of a clothing optional holiday but when we saw the eager-to-please Titan Men staff at the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, we were converted.

    JR Matthews checks into the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge and gets a surprise when he discovers that the resort is clothing optional. However, he’s convinced to strip off by naked Tony Buff on reception, and who wouldn’t be!

    After checking in, Matthews bumps into Buff and bends over to get his hole rimmed and then fucked by Buff’s monster tool. Scene two and we’re on the set of make-over TV show Homeowner’s Rehab with Christopher Saint and muscular carpenter Gio Forte.

    The action starts when Forte drops his overalls and soon his thick cock is inside Saint’s mouth, face fucking him like a steam train. Forte then turns Saint around and thrusts his cock up his willing butt.

    After their truck breaks down on a side road in the woods, plumbers Will Parker and David Dakota decide to walk to their next assignment at the lodge.

    Knowing they’ll have to shed their clothes, they strip down. Turned on by being naked, both guys get hard and start blowing each other.

    Dakota bends Parker over next, and delivers a steady pounding, grabbing on to Parker’s waist and fucking him faster and faster.

    The final scene sees us at the lodge’s costume party where Zorro-clad Bryan Slater strikes up a conversation with superhero Dean Flynn. The two soon strip out of their costumes, their hard ons standing to attention.

    Flynn drops to his knees to feast on Slater’s stiff cock before bending him over for a fuck, the bottom staying stiff as he gets rammed even faster. Horny as hell, Slater then decides that he wants some arse, so Flynn sits down on his hung bud and starts to bounce…

    The goings on at Battle Creek Ridge Lodge beat any weekend at Butlins, so book your trip now.

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