Raging Stallion’s ‘Beef Squad’ always win out on the field, but some say their best moves are found in the locker room. So it’s lucky for us that director Steve Cruz has taken his camera behind the closed doors of the locker room while he coaches his horned up and muscled team of seven all-star players.


    God-like Sean Zevran walks into the locker room and finds beefcake Joey D who’s just had a tough football practice. He drops to his knees and deep throats Joey’s swollen cock and Joey returns the oral favour with his tongue and gives Sean’s hairy hole a sopping wet rim job. Soon Joey’s pummeling Sean’s hole, hitting his g-spot at every cum-rousing angle until Sean spews his load onto the floor.

    Champion dick sucker, Adam Avery, shows off his skills on teammate Austin Wolf, who cock-whips, face-fucks and finger-gags, Adam until his mouth foams. Austin doesn’t stop until he’s gorged himself on Adam’s hole: eating it, thumb jamming it and then fucking it in multiple positions.

    Swarthy Dorian Ferro hooks up with hot newcomer Jack Giles in the showers after a rough game. They grope each other as water courses over their beefy, soapy bodies, and then Jack directs his attention to Dorian’s magnificent muscled arse.

    Jack spreads Dorian’s meaty arse cheeks apart and slurps on his hole before making an athletic move, bending Jack over and spearing his puckered hole from behind. Sean Zevran returns in the final scene and is joined by former ballet dancer, power bottom Eli Lewis.

    He’s a cocky lad and wanting to see every inch of Sean’s sexy body, he grabs his towel and flings it across the locker room! Sean knows that Eli wants more than just a good look, so he shoves him down onto his knees and feeds him his fat, uncut cock.

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