Lock the door, take off all your clothes and get ‘Between the Sheets’ with these eight Falcon beefcakes. With Tony Dimarco directing and a star-studded cast that includes all-American hunks Sean Zevran, Sebastian Kross, Jacob Peterson and JJ Knight, the dry cleaning bill for Falcon Studios’ latest fuck fest must have been astronomical!


    Zander Cole and Sean Zevran are our first couple who end up between the sheets. They were meant to be going to the gym but when Sean clocks Zander’s peach of an arse he grabs a handful. A quick suck on Sean’s hefty uncut slab of meat is all it takes and Zander’s soon assuming the position on all fours on the bed offering up his smooth hole.

    Completely enticed, Sean drills his tongue deep into his buddy’s eager arse before turning things up a notch, and pounding him first doggie-style, then reverse cowboy and finally with Zander on his back. Their sexual heat is boiling over as Andrea Suarez kneels down to service Sebastian Kross’s massive meat.

    Sebastian reclines on the bed as Andrea deepthroats his humongous cock. Fingering his hole, Andrea signals that he wants more and Sebastian dives face first into Andrea’s crack, rimming him in preparation for an intense pounding. Lying face down on the bed, Andrea presents his perfect, round ass for Sebastian to fuck.

    Sebastian’s abs ripple as he bucks his body, giving Andrea exactly what he wants. When Jacob Peterson and Jack Hunter strip, it’s an amazing display of all-American muscle! Mustached Jack reclines on the bed as hairy-chested Jacob strips off his clothes.

    After some intense oral Jacob’s fired up and he pulls Jack up on his knees and pounds him doggy style. Kyle Kash and JJ Knight burst through the door, racing to get naked and start fucking! JJ buries his face into Kyle’s perfect arse crack and they 69 each other’s hard cocks.

    Kyle sits down on JJ’s throbbing hard on and JJ bounces his buddy’s arse on his cock, thrusting hard from below. The chemistry and intensity build to a massive climax as Kyle unleashes a geyser of semen that arcs through the air and lying on his back, JJ pumps out thick ropes of cum that coat his abs.

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