There’s a revolution brewing and it’s lead by a band of sexual mercenaries with a simple manifesto: ‘Give us only the biggest, the longest and the thickest cocks’… Hmm, sounds good to us. So where do we sign up?

    Rick Larkin catches Dylan Hyde spray-painting the slogan ‘Mas Grande’ on his wall. And he finds out that it means ’Much Bigger’ he decides to give the punk exactly what he deserves – his big hard cock.

    Dylan doesn’t protest and gets down on his knees and sucks Ricky’s huge tool, which, due to its amazing girth, stretches Dylan’s mouth wide open!

    After he rims Dylan’s hole, Ricky’s ready to show him who’s boss and power fucks the punk, before blasting his load into Dylan’s mouth.

    Valentin Petrov and Sean Lawrence are up next and after posting their revolutionary flyers all over town they want some downtime. What better way to relax is there than sucking on each other’s hose-size cocks, and this soon leads to Sean plugging Valentin’s sweet little hole with his humungous black cock… Outstanding!

    Damien Stone and Adam Herst feature in scene three and they’re warming themselves up over a burning fire. With their temperatures rising, they soon shed their clothes and Damien nurses on Adam’s massive cock and slurps on his puckered hole.

    Once it’s swelled to quite a sizable slab of meat, Adam slams his tool up Damien’s arse and fucks him in numerous positions.

    Cutie Parker Perry wants to join the Big Dick Revolution but has to first prove his worth to Max Marshall. So Parker goes down on the commander’s thick, hard piece of meat, and impresses him with his oral skills.

    Max soon returns the favour, but very quickly moves round to Parker’s butt cheeks and eats out his arse. He moistens Parker hole, making it slick enough for him to slam his hard cock in and out. And on all fours, Parker arches his back and cries out with pleasure, begging Max for more, more, more.


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