From Stud Fuckerz comes a scorching hot compilation of interracial fuck scenes starring some of gay porn’s sexiest men of colour.


    Beefy Ty Lebeouf is up first with Race Cooper in a scene from Mustang Studio’s Dirty! They’re on the couch drinking beers when Ty falls face first into Race’s crotch. He deep throats his pal’s dark meat down to the base and Race returns the favour by burying his face between Ty’s peachy white globes before lubing up and fucking his juicy peach of an arse.

    Diesel Washington is the Big Daddy in Mustang Studio’s Red Light, flashing a big wad of cash at callboy Tristan Mathews. He’s really turned on as he subjects his compliant pint-sized whore to an intense round of cock sucking and arse fucking, even giving him a vodka enema!

    Race Cooper’s back with Seven Dixon in a scene from Raging Stallion Studios’ Into Darkness. Their enormous cocks fight for supremacy, but it’s Race who manages to ram his cock deep into Seven’s hole. Hunky Mark Ford is in the kitchen when his buddy Dylan Roberts strolls in.

    He’s hungry but not for food. It’s the big juicy sausage inside Mark’s pants that’s Dylan’s after and Mark happily feeds him his meaty rod in various positions up on the kitchen counter.

    The recently released Hot House flick The Urge: Huntin’ For Ass is where the final scene of interracial action is taken from. It stars hung stud XL and sexy Logan Moore who’s watching agog as XL plays with his XXL cock.

    He sees Logan watching and shoots him a look inviting him to come have a taste. After swallowing all of XL’s meat, Logan bends over to let the hung top tongue his hot arse before submitting it entirely to XL and his dick of death.

    To make sure Logan’s butt gets a thorough fucking, XL hits it from every angle imaginable before laying Logan on his back and pounding his hole harder and faster, hitting his spot with precision bringing Logan to an intense knee-trembling orgasm.

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