Chi Chi LaRue is back with the sixth episode of the Black Balled series and preppy Dylan Saunders is the guy who’s man enough to take on eight (yes eight) of the hottest black men in the business. The action takes place at Buck’s Auto Smog Test Station where Dylan pulls in for a smog test on his car. The mechanic he’s greeted by is the oh-so-sexy Eddie Diaz who’s working inside the garage. When Dylan enquires about getting his car tested Eddie tells him, “You gotta take this big black hose here and stick it up your tailpipe.”

    Dylan drops to his knees and pulls Eddie’s fat tool from his overalls and starts sucking. Turned on, Eddie rams his hand down the back of Dylan’s trousers so he can get a taste of his butt.

    It’s not long before Dylan and Eddie are joined by another five sexy-as-fuck black guys with buff bodies and dressed in greasy overalls. One by one they fuck Dylan’s face, forcing their huge black cocks down his throat. And every one of these brothers are hung like donkeys – just check out the monster cock on Ian Rock!

    Next Dylan lies face down on the bonnet of a car and his cheeks get spread and his hole prepped by all the guys who take it in turns tonguing his twitching hole. The taste of Dylan’s butt obviously drives the men wild as they all shoot buckets of spunk over Dylan.

    All nine guys come together for the finale and the first to get fucked is hoodie Aarin Driver by the massively hung Aron Ridge. Dylan gets his tongue up all the guys’ holes as each of them lowers their muscled butts onto his face, just before we get to the part of the movie that we’ve all been waiting for – the gang-bang!

    Dylan gets on his back on a pile of tyres and his legs are held behind his head while another guy gags him with his cock. Then the fucking begins… You have to hand it to him, Dylan takes each of the guys’ huge cocks like a pro and they all plough him deep and hard!

    The last guy to pound Dylan’s butt is the hugely hung Ian Rock and by the time he slides his gigantic cock inside Dylan’s hole, it’s dripping with juice and pouting like a pussy. But boy, Ian certainly fucks him hard before all eight shoot their loads over the exhausted Dylan.

    One of the best gang-bang movies to come out in ages – highly recommended.

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