Bound and gagged, these submissive studs are at the mercy of the dominant fuckers who’ve taken them captive. 


    Bruno Bond has purchased the services of Leather Daddy Tyler Saint and his limits are put to the test when Tyler rims and then fingers his furry arse with his fat digits, and then when he knows Bruno is finally ready, Tyler pounds his hole with no mercy. When Seven Dixon came to the Control Room for some pig training there was only one man for the job – muscular Latino top Jimmy Durano.

    Shackled and blindfolded, Dixon is knelt in position and helpless when Durano gets to work on his arse with a heavy steel fuck-rod. Durano fucks Dixon’s face until his sub gags on his rock hard tool and in a final act of dominance Durano mounts Dixon and shoves his cock deep in his arse.

    A little pit worship gets this session going before Danny Mann spends some time giving head instead of receiving it. Ken Braun turns him around and exposes Danny’s arse to the camera. Ken sinks his tongue into the centre, a paw on each cheek to hold his snack in place.

    But with pleasure comes pain and soon Ken is flogging his buddy with a multi-stranded, leather cat-o’-nine tail.  Ben Brown knows he’s in for it when Spencer Reed comes out of the meat locker wielding an inflatable dildo. He struggles with his shackles but to no avail and Spencer shoves the butt toy deep in Ben’s tight hole and inflates it mercilessly.

    Spencer’s cock soon gets rock hard and he puts it to use fucking Ben’s big round meaty arse forcing Ben to bite down on his chains to keep from screaming out loud. Jake Genesis has Tate Ryder in a face mask and shackled to a handlebar hanging from the ceiling. Defenceless and at Jake’s mercy, Tate has no choice but to give up his hole so that the handsome leather top can fuck him hard.

    But that’s the least of Tate’s worries as cigar smoking Derek Parker is watching the action and soon heads over to help Jake pound Tate’s arse into oblivion.

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