Accepting lifts from strangers can be a dangerous game. Especially if the strangers are a couple of scally lads who are on the hunt for young guys to spit roast. In Boys On The Prowl two lads (Bait Boys) drive around in the back of a people carrier with a mate doing the driving and another operating a handheld camera.

    When they spot a guy on the street they like the look of, they pull over and offer him money for an hour of fun. This DVD shows what happens in five different lads who each get taken for a ride…

    Cheeky chappy Callum and his buddy Kristian, a cute tattooed lad with a big knob, are the first two Bait Boys who pull over and pick up Adam, a cute lad from Leeds.

    They offer him £400 and then raise it to £600 for an hour of fun in the back of the people carrier. Now who wouldn’t say yes, given that Callum and Kristian are sexy buggers? They drive off with Adam sat nervously between them, and soon Callum and Kristian have stripped Adam out of his clothes.

    After they’ve all sucked each other’s cocks, Callum and Kristian manoeuvre Adam so that he’s on all fours on the back seat. As Callum snogs him, Kristian slips on a condom, lubes up Adam’s hole, forces his cock inside and pounds away…

    The lads certainly get their pound of flesh, as Adam must get fucked for at least 20 minutes non-stop! But it’s only when they pull over to get out of the car and smoke a cigarette that the Bait Boys show their true colours. As this is when they speed off, leaving their victim at the side of the road without paying him the promised fee.

    “What did you think of him then lads?” asks the cameraman. “He was pretty”, giggles Kristian. “But gullible!” and they all erupt into laughter…

    Those Bait Boys are little fuckers and we really felt sorry for the lads they fucked over… But our cocks were rock hard right through the film and we blew our load a few times too!


    • Available from Prowler, Expectations, White Tiger and all good DVD stockists.