BRUTAL – PART 1 & Part 2

    Every once in a while a movie comes along that blows us away, and Raging Stallion’s latest two part, four-disc blockbuster did just that. Directed by award winning Tony DiMarco and starring seventeen of today’s biggest porn players, the movie explores the world of fucking and fighting and discovers that there’ll always be dominant winners and submissive losers.

    Director Tony DiMarco wanted to make a fight-based porn movie, and speaking to American adult industry site AVN, he said, “Fighting and fucking, fucking and fighting – is there a difference?

    The act of sex in its pure primal sense is a violent act. Cocks pounding into assholes… so violent in its physical nature, but, on the flip side, can give so much pleasure to the participants.I wanted to look at the correlation of the two.

    Why do we find the act of two men fighting erotic? We want to turn away but we can’t help but to watch.” He continued, “In MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) we see two hot sweating guys on top of each other grappling, striking with only a thin layer of cloth separating them.

    When we look at it we can’t help but imagine them having sex, and Brutal takes it to that next step.”

    And boy, that step is actually one giant leap as over two discs we salivated at scene after scene starring some of our favourite porn stars having the most amazing, animalistic yet sensual sex we’ve seen for some time…

    Fuck the Queen’s Speech this Christmas Day. We’ll be watching Brutal Parts I and II after lunch and loving every sweat-drenched, cum-dripping minute of it!

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