They should be studying hard and trying to make the most of their education, but these horny lads only have one thing on their mind – and that’s cock! And any thoughts of stretching the old grey matter is forever eclipsed by the idea of stretching tight, hungry arse. 


    Jaro Stone hooks up with Roman Black and the horny student is soon reaching into his classmate’s uniform in search of stiff cock. As soon as he finds it, he dives straight down and slurps on Roman’s hard shaft, giving his pal a lesson in oral sex.

    Roman’s a quick learner and returns the compliment with a five star blow job. Another lesson, this time in the fine art of rimming, ensues before Jaro pounds Roman’s pucker for all its worth!

    Will Simon’s been given all the answers to a college exam by the incorrigible Mickey Rush, and now his buddy wants a favour in return. It’s no hardship and Simon’s out of his clothes quick as a flash, revealing his stiff cock that Rush dives on with characteristic eagerness.

    The lads make the most of the full length of the sofa to 69 before Rush goes balls-deep in his buddy’s arse. Roman’s back with Tony Conrad and the two lads are taking turns gobbling down on Martin Muse’s handsome shaft.

    Soon though it’s Roman’s boyish pale-skinned arse that takes centre stage, with some impressive toy-play, then a session of rimming, before Muse and Conrad take it in turns to bang it with their stiff cocks!

    Jaro Stone and Tony Conrad finish up this tale of school boy shenanigans, and after a heavy session of fellatio, Conrad sits his slim boyish frame down on his pal’s stiff cock cowboy-style before getting taken from behind and spunking his load over his tight hairless stomach.

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