Let’s face it. Some lads are just asking for it… Whether they want to admit it or not, there are some youngsters who just love to be put in their place; and that place is down on their knees groveling at their Master’s feet, on all fours ready to service his cock or tied up and ready to take whatever punishment their Master decides to dish out. 


    You would hope that new boy Jack Wright would be broken in gently, but that’s never going to happen when it’s sadistic Ashton Bradley who’s calling the shots! Tied into a kneeling position, Jack’s cock and balls are tied tight behind him, anchoring him in place and he can hardly move without them pulling away from him, and after a brutal flogging, Ashton gets to work on the new boy’s puckered hole with his rock hard cock.

    Next up, Mike Stafford is restrained and stretched out on the floor with Luke Desmond stood over him dripping hot wax all over his body and his cock and balls. Then we’re treated to straight boy Matt Maddison fucking the spunk out of twink Aaron Aurora who’s tied up tight to a post.

    But that’s not before he’s whipped young Aaron’s quivering arse cheeks until they’re bright red. New slave boy, big dicked Jake Richards, is naked and hanging like a piece of meat, ready for Sean McKenzie to use and abuse!

    Jake doesn’t know what to expect, but he can’t stop his big dick from getting hard throughout Sean McKenzie’s flogging and ball spanking. The last boy who’s cruising for a bruising is young Olly Tayler. He’s naked and hanging from chains, left there for Ashton Bradley to play with… and play he most certainly will.

    He comes well equipped, prepared to lash this boy with his flogger, but not before he’s played with his dick and made the twink hard. The mix of pleasure and pain is intense, leaving Olly crying out and wincing as his balls and cock are bound and pulled down by ropes.

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