They may look like nothing more than a load of old empty warehouses to anyone else, but to these horny Hot House fuckers they’re actually prime ‘Cruising Grounds’ where spontaneous, anonymous and intense arse-pounding action can be found! Award-winning director Tony Dimarco lets eight mischievous studs loose in this sexual playground, and lets the steamy action unfold…


    Bearded hunk Chris Bines glances through the warehouse door and catches sight of QXMEN favourite JJ Knight, who’s rubbing his impressive bulge invitingly. A rip in JJ’s jeans gives Chris a glimpse of the massive piece of meat that’s waiting to be unwrapped, and he moves in for the kill. As Chris sucks his cock, JJ pushes down on the back of his neck impaling him even deeper on his thick meat.

    Chris ditches his jeans and pushes his jock-strapped arse in JJ’s face for a rim job. JJ drives his tongue deep into Chris’s arse and then pounds his monster cock deep into Chris’s muscular arse. Bad boy graffiti artist Sebastian Kross is tagging a warehouse wall while handsome Kyle Kash looks on, impressed by Sebastian’s talent – and by Sebastian’s ripped body.

    He pulls down Sebastian’s jeans and deep throats his cock, and wanting more, Sebastian plunges his face into the crack of Kyle’s muscled, jock-strapped arse. Moaning with pleasure, Kyle is eager to take things to the next level and lowers himself down on Sebastian’s throbbing meat. Jerking himself off as Sebastian fucks him, it’s not long before the spunk explodes out of Kyle’s cock and Sebastian stands over him and gives him a cum facial.

    While patrolling the warehouse after dark, Officer Bruce Beckham comes across Chris Bines. Suspecting that Chris is looking for sex, Bruce threatens him with a “stiff sentence” and to avoid another mark on his record, Chris asks if they can work something out. “Get down on your knees,” says Bruce, and Chris knows what to do.

    Opening Bruce’s fly, Chris wraps his lips around Bruce’s thick, meaty cock and gives him a warm, wet blowjob. Bending Chris over, Bruce gives him a major pounding, but he wants more than just to fuck; he wants to get fucked too. So raising his legs in the air Bruce gives his hole up to Chris’s giant cock.

    With his jeans around his ankles, Jacob Tyler is stroking his cock waiting to be found. Tommy Regan sneaks into the room takes Jacob’s massive cock in his mouth. Jacob grabs at Tommy’s perfect bubble butt and Tommy puts himself in the ideal submissive position to get his hole eaten: arse in the air with his face down on the ground.

    Going in tongue first, Jacob explores Tommy’s pink hole before pushing his throbbing cock deep inside. It doesn’t take him long to find Tommy’s prostate and Jacob soon has Tommy spewing his load of cum across his beefy chest and washboard abs. Jacob finishes himself off and adds his spunk to the streaks across Tommy’s torso.

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