It’s time to take another trip down sleaze street with the latest release from Back Alley, the new studio from the EurocremeGroup. Dark, dingy and full of rough chavs, the Back Alley isn’t a place for the faint hearted. It’s where horny young twinks go for a hard and fast fucking… and where no one leaves without a load inside them.


    Hairy stud Gabriel Phoenix reckons he’s hit the jackpot when he bags cute twink Ross Drake. Ross is up for anything and Gabriel eats his arse before pinning the lad up against a brick wall and fucking him hard into it. Changing positions, Ross’s hairy legs look great raised up over Gabriel’s shoulders as they fuck on the floor.

    Next up we come across horny duo Jason Domino and Johny Cruz getting down to business surrounded by rubbish and bin bags. Jason is tongue fucking his buddy’s smooth hole, lubing it up with his spit before sliding his stiff cock in and out balls deep.

    The pace quickens when Jason pushes Johny’s face into the dirt, pounding his hole from a different angle giving him exactly what he wants, and soon he’s spurting over Johny’s hole, before stuffing his still spurting dick back into Johny, flooding his guts.

    It’s not just dirty scally boys who go down to the Back Alley, and handsome muscle boy Parker Marx wants to check it out. Young scally Ross Drake is back for more action and before long Parker has him up against a brick wall and is getting his hard dick properly serviced by the young cock-sucker.

    Parker is determined to make the most of his visit to the Back Alley and bends Ross over a bin and fucks him hard before moving to doggy style down on the floor.

    Young Felipe Capuco is out way past his bedtime but the tattooed twink is on a mission to find a hot hole to use and breed. Sky James, a skinny bottom lad should be at home tucked up in bed too, but instead he’s at the Back Alley looking for a huge dick to fill him up.

    Lucky then that they meet up, and it’s only a matter of seconds before Felipe is spreading Sky’s bum cheeks wide apart to get his hole wide open so he can ram his stiff cock deep into Sky’s hungry hole.

    Sky struggles but Felipe is fucking him so hard into the ground there’s nowhere to go, and it’s not long before Felipe is squirting his load all over Sky’s hole, with Sky following suit, ejecting a massive load from his own big dick.

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