Twelve of today’s hottest porn stars have been brought together for Falcon Studio’s epic two-part scorcher filmed on location in a stunning hideaway retreat in sun-drenched northern California.

    Some are saying that these eight scenes spread over two DVDs are some of director Steve Cruz’ finest work to date – and we might just agree with them. Everything, from the cinematography to the expert pairing of the couples, is some of the best we’ve seen in recent years!

    Scene one of Part 1 sees Paddy O’Brian take on power-bottom Angelo Marconi in a steamy shower scene. As the action ramps up a level the guys move out onto the deck and into the bedroom. At one point Paddy calls Angelo “Greedy,” but that’s just before he slams his arse deep with his cock, and Angelo takes it like the bruiser bottom he is, quivering and begging for more.

    Two stunning men, Landon Conrad and Mitchell Rock, are up next and we find Mitchell lying out on the sun deck enjoying a deep massage from Landon. Who can blame Landon for getting turned on as he slides his hands over Mitchell’s beautifully muscled body, and it’s not long before they’re sucking each other’s cocks, leading to Landon driving his cock deep into Mitchell’s hot buns of steel.

    Delicious twosome Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are up next and when you watch this scene you’ll be left in no doubt that these two are not just scene partners but also real life lovers. The action starts in a large luxurious wooden bathtub and Tate knows exactly how to turn Trenton on, expertly sucking his cock before the two muscled hunks fuck each other.

    In the final scene of Part 1, Andrew Justice finds Johnny Ryder practicing yoga on the deck and offers to show him some preliminary moves. The sensual body contact is all too much for Andrew and he slips his raging hard-on into Johnny’s mouth, who swallows it down to the base, before taking its full length up his tight arse.

    • Available from Prowler, Expectations, White Tiger and all good DVD stockists.