Doc’s Orders

    When a patient is in need of sexual healing, the horny doctors in this latest Hot House release prescribe them massive cocks, and the ‘Doc’s Orders’ are to take them hard! And when the lab coats and hospital gowns of these six sexy studs come off, director Nick Foxx is there, close up, and captures the doctors fully diagnosing their horny patients! Tryp Bates visits dashing Doctor Jimmy Durano because he’s upset about not being able to take his man’s huge cock. Of course, Doctor Durano is more than happy to help Tryp out and prescribes him a healthy dose of his fat, uncut cock.

    Football stud Brendan Phillips needs a routine physical but he can’t suppress his excitement, and his cock leaps to attention with horny Doctor Austin Wolf’s touch. Sexy Doctor Wolf just can’t say no and uses his meaty tool to give Brendan a very thorough anal examination.

    Nurse Jacob Peterson is training new staff member Jacob Taylor but they can’t keep their minds on the job and end up fucking in the examination room.

    Doctor Ricky Decker is not pleased when he hears about Jacob Taylor’s sexual escapades in the office, but Jacob simply slides off his scrubs to reveal his massive cock and as if hypnotized, Dr Decker grasps Jacob’s junk with his hands and falls to his knees as he too cannot resist the allure of Jacob’s massive cock…Strip down to nothing, because it’s time for you to follow ‘Doc’s Orders’!

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