The Easy Inn is usually a quiet getaway. But when Falcon Studios’ director Tony Dimarco and six of the studio’s hottest studs check in for the weekend, the secluded retreat is turned into a sleazy hook-up joint!


    Colt Rivers is cooking breakfast in scene one, but his buddy Topher DiMaggio is only hungry for one thing… Colt’s tight arse! Unable to resist, he goes down and eats Colt’s butt right there in the Easy Inn kitchen. Soon Topher’s pounding Colt’s hot arse and it doesn’t take long before Colt blows his load signaling Topher to pull out and do the same.

    Nikko Russo is relaxing, naked on the porch. His eyes are closed and, with a breeze blowing over his body, he strokes his cock and gets lost in a sex fantasy. He doesn’t realise that Chris Bines is watching, and soon he makes a move, chowing down on Nikko’s thick cock.They switch positions before both unloading simultaneously.

    Adam Wirthmore has a hard on and after pumping it he snaps a dick pic on his phone. With the muscles on his gymnast’s body rippling and a 5 o’clock shadow, he knows he’s looking hot.

    He’s just about to hit send when Ryan Rosewalks up behind him and asks what he’s doing. Caught out and embarrassed, Adam tries to stuff his hard cock back in his shorts, but Ryan isn’t going to let a hot stud like Adam slip away and the guys are soon at it, hammer and tongs shooting their loads. Colt Rivers is chilling out when Nikko Russo strolls by.

    Their attraction is instantaneous, and soon Colt is sucking on Nikko’s fat cock. Nikko wants more though, and he spits on Colt’s arse, and dives in tongue-first. As Nikko fucks Colt arse their moans fill the room, and very soon spunk is spurting out in all directions! In the final scene Chris Bines is looking for a buddy to join him in the gym.

    He knocks on Ryan Rose’s door and is greeted by Ryan, fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his sculpted body and bulging package. All thoughts of the gym become a distant memory and the two studs jump on the bed and get down to a balls-deep sixty-nine. Chris gets on all fours and offers up his arse and Ryan grinds his hole deep until both guys blow their loads.

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