We often describe the movies in QXMEN as hot. And if there were just one word to sum up Fahrenheit, Falcon Studios’ latest release, then that would be it… This movie is HOT with a capitol H!

    Director Steve Cruz has cast a stellar group of studs, and the scorching hot sex sent our body temperature to boiling point. With hot exclusives D.O. and Micah Brandt, as well as the gorgeous Adam Killian headlining the cast, the only way we could cool down after watching this movie was to take off all our clothes, open the fridge door and climb right in…

    Which was tricky to explain to the boyfriend when he came home from the pub with his mates!

    Scene one, and Adam Killian is on his driveway wearing nothing but tight wet briefs and hosing down his white convertible. Now, if we had a neighbour that looked like Adam, we could make a fortune selling tickets to watch him! As the sun beats down, he turns the hose on himself and takes his underwear off.

    Naked and covered in soapsuds Adam is soon spread eagled across the bonnet of his car like a Page 3 stunner, soaping up his thick cock, hairy chest and puckered hole. Next he’s grinding his crotch on the car’s chassis and showing off those perfect plump arse cheeks of his.

    Dried off by the afternoon heat, he gets inside his car and wanks his cock until he spews wads of thick spunk all over himself… Wow, what a blinding solo scene.

    We wondered how the hell Falcon could top that, but D.O. and Micah Brandt in scene two, manage to turn the heat up even higher! The gorgeous D.O. looks sexier than ever with short hair and partnered with Micah Brandt, these two studs are pure dynamite!

    Trent Atkins and Trey Turner (one to watch) provide the action in scene three and then D.O.’s back with Kyle Quinn, who gets his butt fucked mercilessly by the sexy Argentinean stud. Adam’s back in the final scene, doing what he does best, and using that massive cock of his on sexy Lucas Young.


    • Available from Prowler, Expectations, White Tiger and all good DVD stockists.