A weekend camping on a farm sounded like a great idea for young Sonny and Rocco who were going through a rough patch. and it certainly appears to have done the trick judging by all the hot al fresco sex the lads get up to.

    And they’re not the only sexy, young guys down on the farm that can’t keep their clothes on!

    Arriving at the farm, as soon as the lads have pitched their tent their hands are all over each other and peeling each other’s shorts and underwear off. Rocco’s got a massive cock that springs out from his underwear and straight into Sonny’s mouth. He slurps away for a while and then Rocco returns the favour, sucking Sonny’s rock hard cock.

    Before you know it Sonny’s sat on Rocco’s huge tool and gets fucked senseless, groaning with delight. The lads change positions and Rocco bends Sonny over while he clutches a tree trunk and fucks his boy butt from behind until they both shoot their loads into the grass.

    Sonny’s mate Chris (Tyler Martin) arrives at the farm next and he’s arranged to hook up with a local farmhand, Alex Stevens.Within seconds the pair are getting down to business and Alex is fucking Tyler’s face.

    When young, slim Tyler gets his cock out Alex gets a surprise as the twink is packing a big one and Alex devours it before putting his mate on all fours and pounding his hole.

    If you like watching twinks getting fucked you’ll love this scene as Tyler takes it like a good ‘un, arching his back and pushing his arse out so he can feel every inch of Alex’s cock. When Rocco goes for a walk Sonny fantasizes about a sleazy encounter with a buff farmer, the very sexy Neil Stevens.

    Neil’s got a humungous cock and in the fantasy he rogers young Sonny’s boy butt while he’s bent over a tractor and on all fours. This is a hot scene and watching Neil’s cock stretch Sonny’s tight hole will make you cum, for sure!

    Sonny soon gets some real sex when he meets up with Aarron Jackson. These youngsters have boundless sexual energy and go for it like rabbits at every opportunity. But Sonny’s not the only one having fun as Rocco stumbles across Frank Klein and Philippe Delvaux in the woods and the guys use Philippe as the filling in a fuck sandwich.

    Sonny has even more sex when he meets young Alex Cumming and so we’re going up into the attic to get down that old tent. If that’s what modern day camping is all about then QXMEN sees a camping trip on the horizon.

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