Titan Media’s latest release Folsom Maneuvers treats us to an outdoor muddy adventure that’ll make you want to sign up to the army. Just as long as the recruits are Titan Men.

    Scene one, and we’re in the woods where Adam Knox is taking a break from his army duties and whips out his throbbing cock in the open air for a wank. Luckily for him mega hung Tony Buff is passing by and it doesn’t take long before Tony rams his big fat meat down Adam’s throat.

    Tony keeps on face fucking his mate while spitting over his face before shooting his big load all over him. What follows is one of the horniest rimming scenes of this year before Tony rams his big cock up Adam’s hot ass to pound him doggy style, who takes it like a proper trooper.

    Next up is perfectly shaped Dean Flynn getting his rock hard cock sucked by JR Matthews, Dean eats JR’s ass out good and proper, before spreading his soldier fuck buddy’s arse and bangs him from behind, fucking him senseless before shooting his load all over JR’s back.

    This month’s centrefold, Gio Forte, sneaks up on Will Parker who’s guarding an entrance and forces Will’s head down on his hard dick.

    Next he spins Will around, fucking his ass so hard he needs to hold onto a tree whilst getting pounded.

    Hunky Tyler Saint can’t resist rubbing his boot against Ryan Russell’s ass when he’s on his knees, who soon whips out Tyler’s thick cock and swallows it.

    Tyler returns the favour by ramming his tongue up Ryan’s ass before placing him in a paratrooper harness and forces a dildo up his hole deep and hard before feeding him with the real thing.

    Last out sees the return of Dean Flynn who ties JR Matthews to a tree so he can abuse him to the max before both shooting their heavy loads all over JR.

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