The companion release to Fucked Up, Fucked Down continues to deliver non-stop, no-frills fucking, and from the moment the movie starts your cock will be rock hard and you’ll shoot a load as you watch each scene… Well, we did anyway. As with Fucked Up, the action takes place in a sex club where there’s no agenda, just a bunch of horned up men using each other to let out their sexual aggressions.

    This rough and intense fuck fest begins with the hot pairing of Raging Stallion Exclusive Jesse Santana with XBIZ Performer of the Year Adam Killian. The guys are sniffing and pawing each other like a couple of dogs on heat, licking and slobbering each other’s sweaty arseholes and choking on each other’s hard cocks.

    The contrast of Jesse’s slim and athletic body against Adam’s massive frame is awesome, and when Adam aggressively fucks the young pup in various positions, we could hold back no longer and shot our load. Young Jimmy Fanz is up next, stroking that big old cock of his, while he jams a long black dildo up his hungry hole.

    Like the saying goes, ‘what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander,’ so we grabbed our favourite toy and pleasured both our erogenous zones until we shot another glob of thick gooey jizz in tandem with our friend on the TV screen. A five-man, dream team orgy follows, starring Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star and Mathew Mason.

    We don’t know if this scene was meticulously directed or the guys were thrown into the room and told to just ‘go for it’. Whichever it was, the result is an outstanding fuck fest and one that gets the QXMEN seal of approval.

    The action gets hotter and louder towards the end of this stellar scene when Colin Black becomes the centre of attention of the group, the lucky, lucky man…

    \How many times did we have to press pause and look away from the screen to stop ourselves from cumming? Four… maybe five times? And when we could hold our spunk at bay no longer, we were so turned on by the guys’ vigorous and animalistic fucking, we must’ve spurt our load so high it hit the ceiling!


    • Available in all good adult DVD shops and online at www.SimplyGayDVD.com