Give & Take Trilogy

    The perfect couples… what they give they also take. Give and Take features the best of Bel Ami’s Flip-Flop fucks! The legendary Lukas Ridgeston himself, that gorgeous blue-eyed Bel Ami boy, has collected a cock-throbbingly hot collection of the sexiest switch-up shags in the Bel Ami vaults. Including iconic Bel Ami boys like Dolph Lambert (we die for that blonde hair and those dick-sucking lips) and the amazingly-named Harris Hilton.

    With three THICK volumes to beat your meat to, this is a compendium of cum-soaked treats, each featuring four horny couples who love to share the load.

    These are the only kind of flip-flops we don’t think are a major faux-pas!

    Give & Take can be bought online at or on DVD in the following stores: Prowler Soho, Prowler Brighton, Soho Original Book Shop, Nice N’ Naughty (Nationwide) & Easy Tiger (Bournemouth)