It’s not often we see pumped-up musclemen playing hide the sausage. And especially not in Hawaii. But here are seven fine specimens of manhood (including two real-life couples) showing off in the grounds of a B&B in Honaunau. (Go to www.horizonguesthouse.com and see the very Jacuzzi in which cover boy Mitch Branson slips it to Gage Weston!) It’s all action and no talk in another strokeworthy fuck flick from Colt.

    This was the film in which Branson made his debut. He’s got a typical Colt torso, with defined six pack, covered in dark fur. In the first scene fair-haired Weston (formerly the partner of Luke Garrett, who turns up next) lavishes attention on Branson’s cock before Branson sits on Weston’s face in a nicely-angled shot.

    Branson then fucks Weston on his back, holding his legs out wide. Garrett, who has the biggest, Mr Universe-type body and the biggest cock (check out those bulging orange trunks) discovers Darin Hawk, a Canadian hottie with a neat, old-style crewcut, waiting for action. There’s a lot of kissing and body worship in this scene, which ends explosively with Garrett firing over Hawk’s exposed butthole.

    Garrett turns up later (in the same trunks) but first there’s a dynamic three-way with Weston, newcomer Eric Valentin, and that prime piece of Argentinean beef Adam Champ. You might like the sight of Champ’s hairy arms all over Valentin’s completely smooth body.

    Valentin seems a bit reserved at first, but comes into his own when he power-fucks Weston. Valentin behaves like an exclusive top. But appearances are deceptive here because he and Weston swap roles. And then Champ grabs a piece of Valentin’s ass, too! When Champ cums over the new boy’s pecs, watch his face light up!

    The final scene is down on the beach, where Garrett is paired with Italian stallion Carlo Masi. (He and real-life partner Champ are currently big stars on Rome’s gay scene). There’s a lot of foreplay, including an unsuccessful attempt at docking (Garrett’s knob is way too big).

    Then, in another surprise turnaround, the normally passive Masi tops Garrett in three positions. Masi really loves himself, even adopting a bodybuilder pose while he’s pumping Garrett’s backside. But we love you, too, Carlo.

    Available from www.COLTstudio.com