We take two trips to corporate America to Head Hunters, Inc, a high flying employment agency where cock-hungry businessmen and horny delivery boys are looking for the kind of relief their wives can’t provide.

    Ross Hurston has to work late but, in fact, the only thing that Hurston plans to work on is Ty LeBeouf’s amazing bubble-butt with his hard cock. They certainly put the office desk to good use before Hurston flips and LeBeouf fucks him.

    Sexy cycle courier Dillon Crow turns up at Nick Moretti’s office in skin tight Lycra next. Suited Moretti gets on his knees to suck the courier’s thick cock before he rides Crow’s round, juicy butt. Hunky water delivery man Vinnie D’Angelo decides to teach stuck up business man Jack Bond a lesson when he’s rude to him, and bends him over his desk and fucks his butt in scene three.

    Hot Latino Tony Mecelli teams up with gorgeous Park Wiley next and fucks Wiley’s beautiful butt, before shooting a load over his shirt. Crow makes another delivery on the final scene of the first installment of Head Hunters, Inc, and this time his butt belongs to Jackson Wild.

    Trevor Knight and Blu Kennedy are working overtime in the opening scene of Head Hunters Two and it’s the sexy redhead who gets Kinght’s 10 incher up his tight pink hole.  Ross Hurston still works for Head Hunters Inc and rewards his co-worker Derrek Diamond’s hard work with his hard cock.

    C.J. Madison gets caught jerking off by hiss boss Paul Wagner but rather than report him, Wagner gets on his knees and sucks Madison’s massive cock. And it’s not long before Madison’s drilling Wagner over the desk.

    Andrew Justice has an appointment at Head Hunters, Inc. and gets it on with receptionist Vince Ferelli, and both suited businessmen soon blow their thick loads in the final scene of this hot work-related sequel.

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