Director Nick Foxx returns to sun-drenched Palm Springs for Part Two of the latest signature Falcon pool movie. Sebastian Kross, Bruno Bernal, Addison Graham, Chris Bines and Gabriel Cross, who all featured in Part One, return with him to top up their tans, and they’re joined by three new Speedo-clad buddies Scott Riley, Jack Hunter and Sean Zevran.


    Not even a dip in the pool can cool the lust brewing between swarthy, inked, brunette Chris Bines and smooth, tatt-free blonde Scott Riley so they towel off, get naked and Chris gets to work on Scott’s butt.

    When Addison Graham joins Jack Hunter in the shower all Jack wants to do is suck Addison’s cock. Addison’s one desire is to taste his shower-mate’s arse, so an oral-only blowjob–rimjob scene ensues, which in our eyes is just as good – if not better – than a mechanical ‘going through the motions’ fuck scene.

    Godlike Sean Zevran meets pocket rocket Gabriel Cross by the pool, and Sean knows just the right combination of kissing, spanking, sucking, rimming and fucking to satisfy Gabriel.

    Jack Hunter sees Sebastian Kross cooling off in his tighty whities and pounces. Sebastian doesn’t put up much of a fight and the result is a multi-position fuck culminating in crossfire spunk shots.

    Gabriel Cross shares a bottle of champagne with Bruno Bernal and then assumes the top role using his spit mixed with bubbly as lube to fuck Bruno’s sexy bubble butt. “The finale of the two-part feature Heated, Part Two is as energized and amazing as the first,” said Tim Valenti, Falcon Studios Group President.

    “Director Nick Foxx really brought it and did an amazing job on his first Falcon project, and this sexy cast delivered a Falcon pool movie that sizzles.”

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