Lock the doors, bolt the windows and call the police… on second thoughts, don’t bother! When the intruders and hostages are this hot, just send us inside and we’ll happily negotiate with the criminals – armed with some lube and an eager hole.

    Hunky businessman Tyler Saint is being held hostage in his secluded mansion by rugged thug Tony Buff – who definitely lives up to his surname. While his horny son, Jackson Wild, is having some hot webcam fun in the guesthouse – teasing cock-hungry Tommy Ruckus with a jock strap display – his other son, Navy seaman Tristan Raine, stumbles upon another intruder.

    Tristan is soon shafted on shore leave and covered in his job title, thanks to thick-dicked robber Scott Tanner. When help finally arrives, in the form of Officer Enrique, thug Tony tells his hostage to “Keep the cop busy” and the uniformed stud is easily distracted by Tyler’s giant flopped out todger.

    Enrique’s policing skills obviously stall at giving old ladies directions, but he definitely knows how to work Tyler’s massive tool while thug Tony is forced to hide in the shadows – beating his meat with a look of horny desperation that suggests he’s been held captive in a women’s prison for ten years.

    This house must be America’s version of Hampstead Heath as another fit guy comes round looking for some play – Braxton Bond and his thick, curvy schlong.

    Braxton disrupts another intruder, Chad Manning and Bond is soon shaken and stirred as he’s pounded over the kitchen counter by Chad in a super hot scene. Finally, the orgy that all these hot young boys have come round for soon has an extra few members. The criminals take it in turns to unleash some rough justice to their far from traumatised prisoners – which includes another son, that’s three hot gay sons!

    This is one of the hottest adult films we’ve seen! It’s extremely well made, with a good story line and a slow-burning pace to the scenes that ramps up the sexual tension and makes for some explosive action – literally!

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