We’re never quite sure exactly what or where Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth is. Visions of a nightmarish Minotaur lead us to believe it’s a mythological sex club, where men, wearing little or nothing at all, roam seemingly endless long tunnels illuminated only by a dim red glow, searching for their hottest fantasies…


    Dorian Ferro’s hottest fantasy is to be taken and he knows that if he displays his arse, men will want it… Sean Zevran, looking hot as hell in a black mesh Slick It Up body suit that reveals every muscle of his awesome physique, is that guy, and he wants Dorian’s arse.

    Chris Harder roams the Labyrinth’s tunnels wearing only a pair of black shorts that have strategic zips up the front and back. He stops off at a glory hole and services three cocks at once. One of them belongs to Johnny V, who Chris chooses for an exhibitionistic display with a double-headed dildo.

    Next, Chris is the one to be chosen by Michael Thomas, a veritable mountain of smooth, dark muscle. Michael seems to know how to work the rear zipper on Chris’s shorts and gets to work on his juicy hole with his tongue and cock. Johnny V, terrified by a vision of the Minotaur, hides in a room of cages, but his tormentor follows him in.

    Abject terror turns to pure unadulterated lust in an instant when the beast drops his horns and reveals his other horn: a big black cock that’s attached to this month’s delicious centrefold Derek Maxum. Derek needs to fuck and Johnny offers up his hungry hole for an exhaustive fuck that paints the Labyrinth’s dark tunnels white with spunk!

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