The city is filled with so much to see and do and director Stróngboli has captured some of the world’s hottest men exploring the metropolis and discovering that it’s filled with horny men just waiting to show them how hot, huge and hard things can be in the city.


    Nearly two hours long, Men in the City Part 1 features no less than fourteen godlike hunks in five red-hot encounters. But these aren’t just your everyday porn scenes.

    These are Kristen Bjorn’s trademark jaw-dropping three-ways and ball-draining foursomes, such as the hot three-way when William Bravo and Rado Zuska take turns pounding Jan Faust’s peach of an arse, and when Manuel Olveyra and Rainer invite Caleb Ramble over for dinner, with the intention of serving up cock and ass at their dining room table, rather than food!

    There’s also a perfectly choreographed foursome with Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech, that has to be seen to be believed! They were scrimping on the budget with Men in the City Part 2 as it only has twelve guys in it. We jest; Part 2 is every bit as hot as Part 1 and its cast are of the same high caliber too.

    Just where Kristen Bjorn finds the talent for his productions is a mystery, but they all possess great bodies, have big pendulous cocks and pert bubble butts and they’re all handsome to boot! Again, disc 3 has five outstanding scenes, four horny three-ways and one award-worthy foursome starring Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, John Rodriguez and Rainer…

    Having watched Men in the City Parts 1 & 2 we now know why Kristen Bjorn Productions gets nominated for, and wins so many, Best Group Scene Awards!

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