Just the ticket to get you through the cold winter months, we take a look at Collin O’Neal’s trip to sunny Miami, where he cruises the beaches searching for hot local talent to take back to his condo to have his wicked way with. And there’s no shortage of hung hunks stateside for Collin to choose from.

    Scene one and Collin’s cruising Nick Horn, a beefy skinhead. They head back to Collin’s beachside condo where, on the balcony, Nick’s Speedos are pulled down to reveal his thick cock and meaty white butt (If you have a thing for guys with tan lines then you’ll go crazy for Nick’s). Collin buries his face in Nick’s cheeks and tongues his hole before they head indoors where Collin screws Nick’s arse.

    Latino stunners Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas open scene two in the shower, water cascading over their perfectly trained bodies, both guys looking good enough to eat. They’re joined by dark sexy Andre Santos and all three writhe about in the shower before Pedro and Daniel’s attention turns to Andre’s peachy butt. All we can say is that Andre is one lucky guy who must be the envy of guys the world over, and once you see him spit-roasted by Daniel and Marvin you’ll see why.

    Scene three and Collin’s cruising the beach again when he spots a cute young jogger in a tiny pair of shorts. The jogger is sexy Latino Alex Keys and the huge cock he’s managed to squeeze into his shorts is quite an eyeful! Needless to say, Collin brings him back to his condo and is soon sucking on Alex’s enormous cock and chewing on his massive foreskin.

    The scorching hot finale sees Roman Ragazzi, CJ Madison and Mason Wyler on the sun-drenched deck of a boat in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. As the sun beats down the three get horny before heading below deck for some hard fucking before returning up top to carry on the fun. Roman’s the guy who takes most cock up his arse and boy does he take it!

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