It’s all go when the guys at House Hot relocate their offices and With the building empty the employees make sure they get one last sex session in. And when the hot guys from the removal firm turn up they go above and beyond the call of duty. Plus there’s a nasty surprise when two hot burglars discover they’ve had a wasted journey!

    Paul Wagner and Berke Banks are packing up their office when Wagner gets on his knees and starts sucking on Banks’ fat cock. Banks returns the favour before Wagner sprawls out spread eagled over a desk so Banks can fuck his ass.

    Kyle King’s supervisor Rod Daily orders him to get on his knees and suck his cock. And when Daily turns him round and shoves his rock hard cock in King’s bubble butt it’s King’s turn to shout orders, demanding that Daily fuck him harder.

    It appears that King’s new found dominant side turns Daily on and when King throws him on all fours he takes King’s cock in his ass like a hungry bitch.

    Dakota Rivers and Beaux Banner join Johnny Gunn in the office and Banner bends over pushing out his fat white ass. Gunn power-fucks the greedy bottom until his boss Rivers throws him on a nearby filing cabinet and takes his turn.

    Sexy bodybuilder Vince Ferelli and Josh Griffin break in to rob the empty office building, thinking that it’s packed with computer equipment.

    After discovering there’s nothing there Griffin’s not happy and threatens to beat Ferelli’s ass. But instead he settles for a blow job. Soon Ferelli’s getting plowed all over the empty office building and taking his punishment for the failed burglary.

    We just wonder what the cleaning lady’s going to make of all the deposits of spunk when she turns up the next morning!

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