You can’t beat the look of thick muscles tightly encased in leather chaps, boots, jockstraps and harnesses. Team this with the heady scent of cigar smoke, sweat and well-worn leather and you’ve got the ingredients for COLT Studios’ latest feature Muscles In Leather.

    Scene one and in a dark dungeon playroom bottom boy Philip Aubrey gets on his knees to breathe in the sweet musk of Spencer Reed’s straining jockstrap and is rewarded when Spencer gets his swollen cock out for him to worship. Once he’s got Spencer’s meaty cock stiff and throbbing, Philip turns and spreads his cheeks for Spencer to tongue and probe his hole in readiness for his cock. Then bending Philip over, Spencer drives his meat in deep and hard. Wanting to get even deeper into Philip’s hole, Spencer lays back on the floor and his bottom slut sits down on his cock and rides it until he shoots his load.

    In another dimly lit playroom, John Magnum is stroking his hard cock. Casey Williams enters the room and immediately takes John’s throbbing tool in his mouth, but it’s not long before John’s on all fours with his twitching hole offered up to Casey. Aching to split John’s arse apart, Casey pounds his hefty shlong deep inside leading to the guys both shooting their thick loads.

    COLT Man Nate Karlton tops Samuel Colt for the first time in scene three and the air is filled with electricity as the two studs slam their muscular bodies together.

    We find new meat Scott Carter bent over, cuffed and with his arse in the air at the start of the scene, ready and waiting for a tough leather top to use his helpless body. And he doesn’t have to wait long as Kristian Alverez enters the room, pulls out his humungous uncut cock and, grabbing the back of Scott’s head, he force feeds him his monster meat. Then, with Scott stripped naked and in the sling, all it takes is a wad of Kristian’s spit on his thick tool and he drills it deep into Scott’s hole with no mercy!


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