Prison can be a terrible place if you’re a twink. Living in fear of dropping the soap in the shower or becoming a ‘bitch’ to a big fat ugly inmate. But the prison officers are hard as nails too and the price is high if you disobey them! The four twinks in this latest Dads Fucking Lads feature soon find that out when these horny officer daddies set out to get what they want from their charges. 


    We don’t know why young tearaway Johannes Lars ended up back behind bars, but duty officer Letterio is pleased to see him back In the cells and stretches the angel-faced lad’s hole wide open with his thick dick. Blond twink Lyle Boyce is spending a night in the cells and Officer Daddy Big T lives up to his name, tall, built and the perfect daddy for little Lyle to be taken by!

    When Officer Gabriel sees his favourite young tearaway Leo Ocean is back in jail and makes sure he gets a piece of the boy butt that escaped him last time! Bearded officer Logan Moore is searching twink James Lewis and finds a suspect package between his legs!

    This leads to a strip search and Logan probes James’ arse with his fat fingers, working them deep before taking full advantage of the situation and fucking him hard up against the wall of the cell.

    These young boys have been very bad, and the only way to pay their dues is to do exactly what the Officer Daddies say and want, whether it’s on all fours or on their knees.

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