Take an uninhibited journey along the back roads of America with a stellar cast of thirteen hot-blooded studs from Raging Stallion Studios. They’re sexy, rough and rugged men let loose on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens.

    Directed by dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, Open Road Part 1 & 2 has some of the most aggressive and exhilarating sex that we’ve seen in mainstream porn for some time!

    Hot young bucks, James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs, open Part 1. They work at Aleks Buldocek’s bar and just before opening time they decide to fuck on the bar. Aleks hears the noise and joins them; taking turns with James to fuck Marcus’ hole and mouth.

    Aleks is on his own in the bar later on when hitchhiker Adam Ramzi strolls in. Sensing that Adam’s holes need filling too, Aleks sits up on the bar and guides Adam’s mouth to his cock before positioning him on a bar stool so his arse is hanging over the edge for him to eat and fuck.

    It’s one hot fuck after another in Open Road, and Adam’s barely zipped up his jeans when he hitches a ride with Seven Dixon, a big, strapping hunk of a man with tattoos on his neck and biceps like bowling balls.

    Feeling the need to top this time, Adam flexes his hips and drives his cock into Seven’s warm mouth before Seven props himself against the car door and arches his back, saying “get in” in another way. His bubble butt is a magnet for Adam’s tongue and cock. Adam drills him on the car and on the ground and delivers on all cylinders.

    Drifter Boomer Banks is exhausted from carrying his bags around on the open road and takes refuge from the afternoon sun in an old barn. He falls asleep and is soon discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who’s intrigued by the enormous bulge in Boomer’s jeans! He soon finds out what it is though when Boomer wakes up and pile-drives his enormous member into Tony’s hairy arse.

    Boomer opens Part 2, and hitches a ride with Mike Dozer who’s cruising the backstreets. They drive to a place where they won’t be disturbed and by the side of Mike’s van, Boomer slams his meaty arse. Christian Wilde is getting annoyed as he tries to fix his broken down muscle car.

    So to take his mind off it he takes his frustrations out on an unsuspecting Jimmy Fanz, well Jimmy’s arse to be precise. Tommy Defendi makes a pit stop at a public restroom, but instead of pointing Percy at the porcelain and making tracks, he ends up using his massive tool on Mike Dozer’s arse who’s there cruising for sex.

    The Open Road winds to an end in a vineyard, where Donnie Dean helps Esteban Del Toro, who’s lost, find his way in exchange for an intense fuck on the back of Donnie’s truck.

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