In April we published photos of the cast and crew on location in the Costa Rican jungle as they filmed Original Sinners. The DVD’s out now, and with a Lucas Entertainment plot line and a cast of nine stunning men having amazing sex in stunning locations, Original Sinners lives up to all our expectations. 

    In scene one, Tiziano Fuentes and Diego Lauzen sneak away into the jungle with D.O. Bending over to deep throat D.O.’s stiff cock, Diego pushes out his bubble butt so that Tiziano can bury his face in it. D.O. wants to know what he’s missing out on and everyone switches positions so Diego is sucking Tiziano while getting his arse eaten by D.O., and soon Tiziano gets his hungry arse fucked, first by Diego and then by D.O.

    In a scene reminiscent of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr’s infamous one in the film From Here To Eternity, Jake Genesis and Jessie Santana are a couple having sex on the beach in scene two. Unlike Burt and Deborah though, as the waves roll in around their legs, Jesse and Jake pull off their trunks and take turns sucking each other’s cocks.

    Something else we’re pretty sure Deborah Kerr didn’t do in the 1953 film was get on her hands and knees, arch her back and let Burt Lancaster give her good hard fucking deep in her arse before putting her on her back to seal the deal.

    Rumour has it that Lancaster wasn’t that keen on anal, but Jake and Jesse appear to love it! Back inland, Jessy Ares and Adam Killian find a clearing in the Costa Rican jungle where Adam gets down on his knees and sucks Jessy ‘til he shoots his load before heading off for a three-way with real life boyfriends Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria.

    In the shallow waters of a Costa Rican oasis, Diego swallows the whole length of Wagner’s cock while Adam fucks him hard from behind. And then Wagner gets on his back so Adam can pound him while he sucks his boyfriend’s cock.

    But Wagner wants to see Diego go even further, so he and Adam double fuck Diego’s meaty butt! The final scene sees Jessy Ares getting a hard fucking from Paddy O’Brian and, although he’s not had a lot of experience bottoming, Jessy takes it like a man from our man Paddy.


    • Available from www.lucasentertainment.com.