One of gay porn’s biggest stars, Marc Dylan, loves big cocks and can’t get enough of them! And rumour has it that cock-hungry Marc literally begged Hot House Entertainment to let him be the bottom in one of the studio’s infamous Pack Attack movies. Of course, Hot House said yes, and the result sees Marc get both his holes well and truly used by a pack of the horniest arse-hungry guys in the business!

    HE starts his gangbang experience blindfolded and on all fours, wearing only boots and a black jock strap. He’s got no idea who the guys are as they file in one at a time, slap his muscular arse, finger his hole and grind their crotches in his face.

    When he takes off the blindfold he’s very happy to see four hot studs, all eager to get their cocks in his holes. Working his way round the pack, Marc greets each guy by sucking their cock which seems much more appropriate than a handshake.


    He starts with Brian Bonds, a young redhead with a rock hard cock. Next he moves over to Jimmy Durano’s thick Latin meat, followed by the all-American Spencer Fox and his eight inch shlong. Leaving the biggest (and best) ‘til last, Marc unwraps Kris Anderson’s humongous nine inch monster, and it’s at this early point of the film that Marc proves he’s the right man for the job by taking two huge cocks in his mouth at the same time!

    If Marc’s mouth was the appetiser, then his arse is most definitely the main course… and by now the pack is getting mighty hungry! They take turns to tongue their bottom boy’s hungry hole, holding his muscular cheeks apart so they can get their tongues in deeper.

    As they do so, Marc continues sucking their rock hard cocks, which results in him being flipped over onto his back and the pack shooting their loads over Marc’s washboard abs and face, leaving him drenched in spunk… and no one’s even fucked his hole yet!

    They’ve been patient up until now, but it’s time for the pack to feast. Spencer steps up first to fuck Marc’s begging hole, while Kris shoves his cock down the willing bottom’s throat. Meanwhile Brian helps Jimmy get ready for his turn at Marc’s hole, and soon all four studs are pounding Marc’s arse… putting the ‘bang’ into gangbang!


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