Young Johannes Lars is stuck in a dead-end relationship. So when Dominik, the local PizzaBoy delivers something more substantial than the 8 inch thin crust Meat Feast he’d ordered, Lucas wastes no time in getting it down his throat! His naive boyfriend Ollie, however, has no idea what’s going on – until, that is, his mates discover the same PizzaBoy’s service and order some extra toppings! Will Ollie find out his boyfriend’s secret, or will they discover that an extra spicy topping is exactly what they wanted all along?


    As solos go, the opener with long-haired, blond twink Johannes is pretty horny, but it’s when sexy PizzaBoy Dmitry turns up with his big delivery that the action really hots up.

    The lads can’t get enough of each other and eager for more of Dmitry’s dick, Johannes spins round presenting his juicy arse to Dmitry who wastes no time in slamming his long cock inside, pounding Johannes hard into the bed.

    Kayden Gray calls the new delivery service and when Johny Cruz turns up with a deluxe pizza, he suddenly loses his appetite and takes the horny toned PizzaBoy to his bedroom for something a whole lot spicier! As Kayden fucks him doggy style, Johny takes the entire 9.5 inch monster right down to the balls!

    As Kayden picks up speed, he pulls Johny’s butt cheeks apart and power fucks him as hard and as fast as he can! He’s using his delivery boy as a sex toy, but you’ll hear no complaints from Johny in this horny as fuck scene!

    French hottie Nathan Hope decides to seduce his mate Nathan Raider in the next scene, and his advances pay off as they end up taking turns fucking each other balls deep.

    A third horned up PizzaBoy enters the mix in the final scene, sexy Ross Drake, and the sexy dark haired Frenchman ends up getting spit-roasted by Johannes and Nathan Hope in a hot three-way that’ll leave you hungry… for cock not pizza.

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