Who hasn’t dreamt of being on the receiving end of the strong arm of the law? Who hasn’t wanted to find out first hand if that really is a truncheon lurking underneath the uniform of a sexy boy in blue. Thankfully, Eurocreme has taken away the danger of being arrested or beaten up for propositioning a real life copper with these super-horny scenes of some seriously bent coppers It’s never like this on The Bill!

    Scene one sees a hoodie dealing dope under a railway bridge who gets caught by an awfully good-looking young cop, let’s call him Officer Pretty.

    The young thug soon learns that it pays to break the law as Officer Pretty’s pat-down gets rather thorough and he pins the young criminal against the wall and fucks his brains out… and soon lets him off with a warning but leaves him under the bridge, pants round ankles and panting for more.

    The next scene sees a copper join Officer Pretty in reprimanding a burglar. But, of course, Officer Pretty has his own ideas of law enforcement and forces the intruder to suck him and his colleague’s cock before they double penetrate the sucker and blast two loads of fresh cum into his law-flouting face.

    After Matt Hughes gives a prisoner a cavity search, he’s soon filling his gaping hole with that massive schlong of his – now there’s a truncheon we’d gladly get beaten with!

    It’s back to the worlds least law-abiding cop Officer Pretty and his colleague who get called to a disturbance. Once inside, they soon separate the warring queens, and Office Pretty gets right down to his own brand of interrogation as he licks the attacker’s hungry hole while he beats his fat, delicious cock.

    Meanwhile, his good cop colleague gets naughty as he tends to the victims wounds – who in turn forgets about his cuts and grazes as he rides atop good cop’s massive dick, and the sight of their big balls banging and sweat dripping makes for an arresting final scene.

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