Euroboy’s Post Boys always cum on time and they’ve always got a huge package for you!

    Those young twinks at Euroboy’s ‘Male’ Order Company go door to door and get down on their hands and knees to squeeze their large packets into tight holes. No one can deny that these young uniformed lads deliver a first class service to the nation’s households, sometimes looking after two customers’ needs at the same time! 

    Scene one, and it looks like Euroboy’s Post Boy is late, but we don’t care too much because there’s two young twinks groping each other on the sofa.

    They’re soon both bollock naked and sucking, rimming and fucking each other with the gusto only young lads have. The Post Boy makes an appearance in the next scene, and he’s a cocky young lad, probably on a YTS scheme. Seeing that the parcel in his hand isn’t going to fit through the letterbox in front of him, he rings the intercom and delivers the hilarious line, “I’ve got a large package for you, but it’s too big for your hole.”

    The cute blond twink that opens the door, likes what he sees (and what’s not to like?) and invites the young Post Boy in. These lads waste no time in making the first move, and the Post Boy’s pants are soon round his ankles and his huge erect cock springs out! The blond boy gets the Post Boy’s package right up his pert boy butt, before he shoots his load over the letters he was meant to be delivering…

    They were probably only from the Bank Manager anyhow. Our favourite Post Boy is up next in scene three, but both lads are cute as buttons with slim bodies, smooth hairless bums and cocks on them like full grown men! In scene four we find two cute young Post Boys in the Delivery Room, surrounded by letters and parcels waiting to be sorted.

    One of them picks up a package and a large dildo falls out of it! Rather than put it back, one of the lads pulls down his trousers, hops onto a table so his mate can slide it up his tight hole. The final scene sees a hapless young Post Boy get used and fucked hard by a couple of rough chav lads. After telling him that they’re going to shove something in his slot today, they spit roast him, tag team him and then both cum on his face…


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