Don’t make that sexy sub-boy beg! He’s earned every uncut, spit-lubed inch and boy, is he gonna get it! 


    First up, stunning ‘boy-next-door’ Danny Montero is giving donkey-dicked Brute Club an erotic massage. Once he’s discovered just why they call him ‘club’ Danny gets his hole smashed in by a horned up Brute! Fresh from his Prowler Best Twink Award, Alex Silvers is up next and he’s up against (right up against!) newcomer and rough fucker Jason Domino.

    Then, after a night of clubbing, skinny, big-dicked twink Sky James takes home a piece of trade, namely muscular and hairy Patryk. He invites his stepfather Giorgio Arsenale to join the fuck-fest and Patryk gets his hole bashed by both the horny young twink and the stunning older man! Little 18-year-old Izan Loren and strapping 6 foot 2 Luke Tyler are the only occupants In a quiet gay bar.

    Little Izan’s brand spanking new and too tight to fuck, so Luke’s happy to bend over and take Izan’s big dick (Izan’s only 5 foot 8 but he’s packing another 8 inches in his pants!)

    Bringing up the rear, talented young man Adam Dacre fucks Justin Harris’s juicy hole all over the room and cums all over him.

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