Cuffed and thrown into the cells, these young tearaways have been locked up with some very bent coppers looking out for them! But the uniformed boys in blue are only after one thing, and it’s not to uphold the law. It’s a hot peachy arse to fuck raw and there are plenty to choose from down in the cells.


    Even young rookie policeman Johny Cruz, who’s working late one night in the office, isn’t immune from intimidating senior officer AJ Alexander. He welcomes the young recruit to the force by initiating him into what really goes on at this station after dark and plunges his giant bare cock straight up Johny’s peachy butt!

    We meet Samba, a sexy, tattooed Irish bad boy who’s alone in his cell. We watch him knock out a big load over himself before AJ’s back to terrorise his first inmate of the night. Out to cause trouble, young tearaway Skikes is back behind bars and AJ’s determined to teach the gobby little shite a lesson.

    Handcuffed, Skikes gets a mouthful of AJ’s hard uncut dick before his arse is fucked deep and hard, as the tattooed officer gives it his best to show him who’s in charge. New officer Riley Tess is sent to deliver some good news to prisoner Craig Daniel who’s been a pain in the butt since he arrived.

    Craig’s pretending to be asleep, and as Officer Riley enters his cell to wake him up, he jumps him and subjects Riley to what the officers have been doing to the inmates all along. With Craig’s giant cock down his throat, bearded hairy cub Riley has no option but to submit and is soon forced to take Craig’s monster shlong deep in his arse!

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