We’d all like a body like a Greek Adonis, but how many of us have got the time and patience that’s needed to achieve it? There is a bunch of lads who have got the time and patience though, and that’s the horny fuck-buddies in Sport Ladz’ Pump This!

    Scene one and baby-faced Alex Silvers should be concentrating on getting his muscles into shape. But Pyotr Tomek is in the next room and Alex is more than acutely aware of Tomek’s keen-eyed antics; provocatively swaggering out of the locker-room, directly into his line of fire.

    It’s a move that can only ever have one result, of course; and suffice it to say that Tomek is soon down on his gym buddy’s crotch and giving head like it’s the kiss of life!

    Leo Ocean is a total cock slut, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see him provocatively showing off his dick to Roman Smid and Ray Mannix as they play together in the squash court below him in scene two.

    One thing leads to another and the squash match soon becomes a hot three-way. In scene three Martin Muse is given the opportunity to cop off with Zack Hood or the baby-faced Alex Silvers.

    He makes a bee-line for the young Brit – and, to be fair, who the fuck can blame him? A fabulously skinny young twink like Leo Ocean clearly has his work cut out to get all muscled up, but his personal trainer, new boy Joel Vargas, has plenty of ideas of how to bulk his body in the gym.

    Some are pretty conventional – like lifting weights, for example. But Vargas is obviously a man who thinks outside the box, and whipping his cock out of his shorts he decides to give the young lad a very different kind of workout!

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