Is there nothing Paddy O’Brian can’t do? In Falcon Studios’ latest release the sexy East End Barrow Boy plays a rock star and does something he’s never done on film! Before you get too excited, no he doesn’t get fucked. But he does go down on a guy and rims his hole! And who could blame him when the hole in question belongs to cute youngster Joey Cooper…


    In scene one we meet Paddy’s Manager, Alex Graham, who’s wrapping up a contract with concert promoter Colby Chambers. But as soon as the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, Colby’s got his lips wrapped around Alex’s thick cock, swallowing it all while his hands grip tight handfuls of Alex’s butt.

    They move over to the sofa and Colby lies across it, lifting his legs so that Alex can aim his cock right between his hot buns, and the guys fuck until they both shoot their loads.

    Ray Diaz and Jimmy Durano are relaxing at the pool when Jimmy decides to lead Ray to a shady spot. Ray knows exactly how to turn Jimmy on and licks along the length of his meat, nibbling the foreskin and taking it all down his throat.

    But Jimmy needs to fuck some arse and flips Ray over so he can fuck him. Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are Paddy’s bodyguards, and luckily for us their black uniforms are just too hot for the Californian sun.

    Sebastian peels off his shirt, exposing his rippling muscles inch by inch, and Cal follows suit. Checking each other out, they like what they see, and soon Cal’s unzipped Sebastian’s trousers and is helping himself to his colleague’s uncut cock.

    It’s Cal’s butt that Sebastian wants though and he rims and fingers Cal’s quivering hole before skewering it with his cock. The star of the show, Paddy O’Brian, is up in the final scene and while his bodyguards are off fucking, fan Joey Cooper sneaks into the house where Paddy is staying.

    Tight and toned, Joey tells his idol he’s a performer too, and he demonstrates by stripping. Paddy assures him that he’s not gay, however his hardening cock tells a different story and ‘What’s a groupie for if not to fuck?’, thinks Paddy.

    So soon he’s stripped out of his clothes, and with his thick cock dripping with pre-cum he fucks fan Joey, stopping to rim his tight boy butt mid-way through…


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