Rough & Raw

    Careless boy-toy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town, looking for a free smoke… but everything has a price.

    The innocent twink wakes up in a confused state, chained and naked. The dungeon is filled with lots of devious toys, all belonging to the merciless master Claude Nikotine, to whom the shrieks of a helpless subject sound like music.

    Casper is kept on edge and gets used for hours to become the most willing slave boy Claude could possibly wish for. After a long night that fades away as if it were just a nightmare, Casper wakes up on the streets, wondering where he is and what happened.

    Was it really just a dream? Watch sub slut Casper Ellis get used and abused by Claude Nikotine’s big cock and a range of toys! Casper gets pushed to his limits with bondage, restraint, electro, CBT and more.

    Tied up and abused, nothing is too extreme for this horny cum slut as he endures punishment.

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