Hot House hits a home run with Score!, the studio’s all-star-studded tribute to American jocks and athletes. Director Steven Scarborough has assembled one of the hottest casts ever, guaranteed to bring all of your jock and sports gear fantasies to life.

    To celebrate their team’s victory, Kyle King explores Bo Dean’s chiselled physique with his tongue until he has his team mate’s giant cock in his mouth. King’s expert deep-throat skills drive Dean into a frenzy and he rips off King’s uniform and they manoeuvre into a hot 69. The game moves up a gear when King sits down on Dean’s huge dick, then gets on all fours and orders Dean to go deep. Both men shoot and score!

    Both redhead Blu Kennedy and Latino Topher DiMaggio are two masculine studs with huge, rock-hard cocks. DiMaggio feeds Kennedy his thick dick and it’s not long before he’s is riding it like a pro and then gets on all fours, using his flawless pink butt to milk a huge load out of DiMaggio who shoots across the arena!

    Brandon Lewis and Johnny Torque turn the dug out into an orgy of athletic gear worship. Still dressed for batting practice, Torque’s kicks Brandon’s bulging codpiece with his cleats while Brandon sucks Torque’s growing equipment right through his jock. Both horny athletes pull out their hard cocks and take turn sucking each other off. Torque asserts his dominance by bending Lewis over and fucking him good.

    After an athletic fuck session both team mates shoot huge loads all over Brandon’s ripped abdomen. Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov show off, flexing their muscles with free-weights. But Scott’s soon distracted by the enormous bulge in Petrov’s singlet (who wouldn’t) and goes over to investigate – could his cock really be that big? Scott licks and spits on Petrov’s dick before attempting to swallow the monster whole. But when Petrov sees Scott’s thick, beefy cock though he gets on all fours and opens his puckering hole. Scott steps up and plows the hungry bottom like a pile driver then kicks back so Petrov can ride his cock until he shoots a big juicy load.






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