Getting laid nowadays is easy. All you have to do is send a quick text with the question “Sexflix and Chill?” Then put on a hot DVD and let the action take over… Simple! Award-winning director Steve Cruz knows this, and shows you just how easy it is when eight gorgeous, horny hunks get together to ‘Sexflix and Chill.’ 


    Legs spread wide apart and white briefs bulging, Ryan Rose is checking out the action on his Twitter feed when he gets a text from Carter Dane: “Horny?” “Of course,” replies Ryan.

    “Sexflix and chill?” asks Carter, and Ryan’s cock twitches at the idea. Carter heads over to Ryan’s Vegas condo and as soon as he’s through the door he bends over and invites Ryan to eat out his tight hole.

    Ryan dives in deep and tongues the soft, pink centre, giving Carter’s cock and balls some attention too. And then ready to fuck, Ryan leaps onto the bed and presents his hard, throbbing cock for Carter to ride.

    Beefy Jacob Peterson strokes his cock while streaming some porn on his tablet, while Scott Demarco dozes in bed next to him/ With a devious glint in his eye, Jacob pulls down the sheet and wraps his lips around sleeping Scott’s thick tool.

    As he wakes up, Scott moans then goes down on Jacob’s massive meat. Eager for more, Scott rolls Jacob over and buries his face in his arse.

    Then spreading his cheeks, Scott spits right in the centre and pushes it in with his tongue.

    Now that Jacob is lubed and ready, Scott penetrates Jacob’s tight hole and goes in full throttle. With his legs spread wide, his nuts hanging low, and his massive cock rock hard, Jack Hunter leans back on the bed and enjoys a blowjob from Brenner Bolton.

    Switching places, Brenner presents his man meat for Jack to swallow and Jack strokes himself while sucking on Brenner’s cock.

    As he reaches his climax, Brenner shoots his thick, white load into Jack’s mouth, and extra spurts of cum coat Jack’s chin, shoulders and arm pit with white spunk. Leaning down, Brenner positions himself to swallow Jack’s load.

    He licks up Jack’s load as it bursts forth, and the final drop of cum oozes down Jack’s shaft and low hanging balls.

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