The monster cock on the cover of this latest Eurocreme title exhibits perfectly the delights that await inside. Definitely one to hide from your Gran… unless she likes that sort of thing!

    With guys like super stud Will Jamieson, ultimate power bottom Ashley Ryder and donkey-dicked Steven Prior, you already know this Hung Ladz is the hottest so far!

    Presenting some of the biggest pieces of equipment to ever grace your telly box, Hung Ladz: Six Feet of Meat starts with one of our favourites – the gorgeous Harry Louis – getting extremely passionate with Tommy B, who looks like he’s having the time of his life taking Harry’s perfectly formed, giant schlong.

    But, set your eyes to ‘wide surprise’ for the next scene as butter-wouldn’t-melt-looking twink Steven Prior hides an ENORMOUS donkey dick beneath those bulging shorts and innocent expression.

    We’d give anything to swap places with Sonny to be on the receiving end of that one and its resultant giant explosion.

    Will Jamieson and Jordan R have an air of ‘straight Essex chavs getting it on’ in the penultimate scene, fucking, sucking and 69ing like animals in a room emblazoned with posters of naked women.

    Finally, ultimate power bottom Ashley Ryder is the perfect candidate for receiving Leo Castro’s mouthwatering piece, a riding expert in the Grand National of fucking,

    Ashley always lives up to his name with an energetic and super horny fucking session. Hung, hot and horny as hell, with no storyline to distract, just a straight up, 100% fuck-a-thon. Size queens… this right here is heaven!

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