It’s a fact, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it’s no wonder that it’s integral to having the hottest, most satisfying sex. Something the likes of Staxus favourites, Joshua Levy, Jaro Stone and Milan Sharp are only too happy and eager to demonstrate to the new boy in town, Jeffery Lloyd. Coupled with returning cock-fiend Kris Blent, this is one sensual, cum-inducing escapade that will leave every inch of your flesh tingling for more… your well-stretched foreskin included!


    New boy, Jeffery Lloyd, is in the mood for a relaxing cup of coffee but soon discovers there’s no time to sit supping hot beverages when you’re a Staxus porn star!

    Joshua Levy has finished his shower and wants his cock sucked and – showing little if any first-night nerves – Jeffery steps up to the mark. Joshua returns the favour on the rookie’s stiff boner, but the action really starts to intensity once the buddies have enjoyed a nicely choreographed session of 69-ing and get down to some hardcore anal action.

    Jaro Stone loves sucking Milan Sharp’s cock, but the main thing on his mind is how quickly he can get into his mate’s arse. It’s something he achieves with arguably unremarkable ease once he’s rimmed and fingered Sharp’s hungry little hole, and from thereon in poor Sharp’s pucker doesn’t stand a chance.

    We all know that the best time for sex is first thing in the morning, when the mind and body are fully refreshed. This is a philosophy that Kris Blent and Joshua Levy are clearly determined to uphold when they get up encounter one another at the breakfast table. After sharing a few niceties, their primeval urges get the better of them and any thought of eating cereal is out the window and Joshua has his mate’s two hard-boiled eggs on a plate for breakfast!

    They claim to be just good friends but you know damn well that a trio consisting of Jeffery Lloyd, Kris Blent and Milan Sharp is always going tocb be up to no good. Something that becomes apparent pretty much right from the off, as Blent exposes his arse whilst they walk down the street. But it’s what happens once the three lads are back in their apartment that you’ll really want to see!

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