With Slide Inside, UKNakedMen do what they’re best at…hot naked men from the UK! As the name suggests, they’ve put together a selection of the steamiest scenes from their most masturbate-mongering movies for you to get off to. Big-dicked Brits getting it up and getting it in. Prince Harry’s probably already ordered his copy. 


    Scene one and we’re straight into the action with two fit-as-fuck lads, British hottie Mark Summers and Danish sex pig Nick Lavalle. Both guys have incredible tight and muscular bodies and their cocks are rock hard from the off. It’s Nick who gets his tight arse pounded by Mark, but not before he’s loosened it up with his tongue and a few fingers.

    Watching these two fuckers at it is enough to make you shoot your load but we recommend you hold out as there’s plenty more hot action to come that’s well worth saving your orgasm for.

    We love Carioca and he gives French guy Demetrius’ hole a serious work out, first with a dildo and then with his huge Brazilian cock, in scene two and then we hit scene three where Maxwell treats us to a hot three-way featuring a sexy fucker who caught QXMEN’s eye called Toby, a cute bubble-butted bit of tottie by the name of Rafael and a sexy, brooding French guy called Kornelio.

    The action takes place on what looks like a fire escape stairway and sees young Rafael getting both ends plugged good and proper by Kornelio and Toby. Rafael takes it like a true pro and Toby and Kornelius appear to relish taking it in turns to fuck his mouth and hot butt.

    Scene four and sexy Parisian stud Thierry Lamasse (who we reckon is a dead ringer for François Sagat) gets it on with the delicious Toby. It’s Toby’s smooth-as-silk hole that gets Thierry’s meaty cock rammed up it. And, boy, we do mean it.

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