These hot young athletes are up and coming stars in their chosen sports, be it track, field or pool. But there’s one sport which they all excel in, and that’s fucking! Whether they’re out on the field or changing in the locker room, these twinks have so much testosterone flying round their bodies they just can’t control their teenage lust for each other! 


    Jessie Jenkins and Andy Fisher are out for a jog in the woods, but these oversexed lads can’t keep their eyes off each others bulging crotches, bouncing packets and firm buns stretching and flexing beneath their silky running shorts. So they stop for a breather and Jessie mounts Andy pounding his smooth, hairless teen hole for all he’s worth.

    Rudy Valentino and Alan Benfelen finish their tennis game and head for the changing room to take a shower. But having built up a sweat watching each other’s balls bounce during their match, rather than get clean, the boys get decidedly dirty in the shower. Austin Nova and Leo Ocean are looking extra sexy in their footie gear and after a quick kick about they head back to Leo’s flat.

    No one’s as bendy as a sporty 19-year-old and Leo bends himself into all sorts of shapes for deeper and harder penetration his hot mate Austin. Thomas Fiaty and Yuri Adamov are young swimming stars in the making and in the changing room at their local pool Thomas needs his buddy’s big cock inside his smooth, aching hole and soon he’s pushing back on it, so that every inch is inside him.

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