The latest double bill from Kristen Bjorn is set in Prague and shows you what a warm welcome the Czech locals give to foreign tourists. 

    But before you book a cheap flight to the Czech Republic capital, remember that this is a Kristen Bjorn film and not all Czech locals will look like Rado Zuska, David Kadera, Tomas Friedel, Mirek Ceslar, Milo Zambo, Ivo Kerk, Jan Faust and Jalil Jafar, the eight hot guys the studio has cast as the film’s locals.

    Hats off to Kristen Bjorn. Since the late ‘80’s he’s been making quality porn featuring hot, muscular big-dicked guys, and the four foreign tourists, played by Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Marco Rubi and Saxon West, are hunks of the highest order too!

    Kristen Bjorn must think that, in a porn film, two guys having sex is boring (porn is meant to be a fantasy after all, so he’s got a point) and of the ten outstanding scenes in this two disc feature, three are three-ways and seven are foursomes.

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