Street kid Ollie gets in with the wrong crowd, who exploit his arse in exchange for a roof over his head. This has to be one of the hottest films in the DreamBoy series.

    Ollie has to do tricks for dodgy punters to make ends meet and the hapless lad’s first suited and booted client has him restrained him in bondage gear and strips him naked.

    The young, very sexy client sucks Ollie’s stiff cock and spanks his boy butt before tying him into a sling and force-feeding him his cock. And it’s Ollie’s tight hole that gets worked over next as his client fucks him hard and cums in his face.

    Next Ollie meets a young scally called Jack on the streets who offers him a place to stay. It’s more like a squat and it appears that the guy in charge there is none other than Trojan Rock, a modern day Fagin. “You stick around with us lad and we’ll look after you,” Trojan sneers and then goes out leaving Ollie, Jack and his horny twink mate on his own.

    Jack and his mate soon start fucking and all Ollie can do is sit back and watch, wanking his cock furiously.

    Next day, Jack and Ollie start robbing apartments, but after Ollie gets caught in the act he ends up staying with the two hot twink guys he was robbing and doing odd jobs for them around their apartment.

    The odd jobs though tend to be blowjobs and the three lads have a hot three-way with one of them getting spit-roasted good and hard.

    Then one day, young Ollie gets grabbed off the streets by Trojan and is forced to live back in the shit hole squat again. Jack’s gone and there was a new gang of three cute lads who soon have Ollie stripped naked, on his knees and sucking each of their cocks one after the other before they all fuck him.

    He’s a lucky lad Ollie and things turn out okay for the sexy lad in the end when he becomes Trojan’s top boy, and the final scene shows a happier Ollie fucking with a hot scallie from the squat.


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